How does this work?

Once you’re ready get in contact with screening information and a few details about what you have in mind for our date. When would you like to meet, for how long, and where? We can connect at my place, your downtown Toronto hotel, or perhaps I recommend an esteemed eatery to kick off our time together. I’m available on evenings and weekends. Pre-booking is required to work you into my calendar.

Where are you?

My place is in the heart of Toronto’s Financial/Entertainment District near the intersection of Richmond St. and University Ave. The Shangri-La Hotel and Momofuko Noodle Bar are two local landmarks you can use to orient your GPS or Uber driver. I can come to visit you if you’re staying in one of the city’s many upscale downtown hotels.

What’s this about screening?

While I maintain my belief in the essential goodness of humanity, I also must confront the nasty realities of the material world, which unfortunately includes some pretty unsavoury characters. Don’t take it personal. Relax! I know your mom thinks you’re a great guy but I’m going to need to check for myself so as to ensure you’re not a serial killer or, worse, a Nickelback fan. Don’t fret, though, the screening process is super simple and painless.

Send just ONE of the following:

  • The name, website, and email address of a companion from your past who can vouch for you as a reference OR

  • A 50% deposit on our date made by Paypal or Interac E-transfer along with a phone number I can use to reach you for a brief chat.

Rest assured that your information is solely for my confidential pleasure. You can trust me to keep your secrets. However, if submitting to screening stresses you out, I wish you the best of luck in finding your best match even if I’m not the one.

I’m not here to convince you that you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you settle for someone who neglects to screen you beforehand. What does that say about your mutual safety and discretion? That’s your perogative. But I am confident that strict adherence to these screening requirements afford me and those close to me a sense of comfort and security that I am unwilling to compromise. This leap of faith is required to make the magic happen.

You may also note that since Canada (AG) v. Bedford what happens among consenting adults behind closed doors here in the Free North is entirely lawful.

May I make a donation?

300/ How much fun can we fit into one hour?

450/ Sometimes all you need is 90 minutes of bliss.

550/ Two hours to escape into each other.

1000/ Ask me about an all night affair off-the-clock for drinks, dinner, and desire.

+ 50/ I’ll host at my luxe incall location in Toronto’s Financial/Entertainment District for an hour date.

++ 100/ I’ll host at my incall play space for a 90 minute or two hour engagement.

+++ 250/ Meet me for a social engagement or add social time to our date to enjoy each other over a meal/cocktails


I ask that you respect my strict cancellation policy; recognizing that flakiness is a very unattractive trait in a suitor. There is a 50% cancellation fee for dates ditched within 72 hours of our planned rendezvous payable by Paypal or Interac e-transfer. I understand that things do come up so, as a courtesy, I can apply your cancellation fee toward a rescheduled date at my discretion.